Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall & Winter 2016 & 2017 Firewood Prices; Dead Wood Wanted

Seasoned Hardwood: $280 per cord, $20 Delivery Charge Per Cord (free delivery to Belmont, Delivery Fee increases to $30 on November 15th, 2016)

Green Hardwood: $240 per cord, $20 Delivery Charge Per Cord (free delivery to Belmont, Delivery Fee increases to $30 on November 15th, 2016)

ALL PINE ORDERS: $120 Per Cord for seasoned pine. Green will only be delivered upon special request, but there is no discount on pine if you prefer green. All pine orders will require a $20 delivery charge per cord, even for Belmont orders.


     The Dead Wood Society is in need of seasoned hardwood for the upcoming winter season. We will be selling some and donating some to needy families. If you have trees that are standing dead or already on the ground that you want gone, we can handle all the work for you. We will remove all the wood for free, and in many cases we can arrange for you to get some of the wood we cut and split for your own use.

If you have acreage that is fairly level and easily accessible, we can go through it and take just what is dead and dying and/or remove other unwanted green trees if needed. Call Rich at 603-630-6235 or 617-209-4325 if you are interested or need more information. We are a socially conscious and environmentally friendly company, and we specialize in low impact logging. That means no large equipment comes in, and there is no huge mess left behind.

Since fall is here, it is difficult to tell which standing trees are dead and which ones have just lost their leaves. To better recognize dead trees, look for small mushrooms on the trunk, branches devoid of any buds, and scattered fallen branches around the base of the tree. Most plots of land will have certain areas where there are a cluster of dead trees, usually due to a low or swampy spot where the roots are waterlogged.

We are based in Belmont, NH and would prefer to work in close proximity to our home base. Gilford and Laconia locations will also be considered in addition to Belmont jobs. We are also looking for folks who need all trees cleared from lots, and it would be preferable if we could leave the downed trees until next season. Again, Call or Text Rich at 603-630-6235 or 617-209-4325 for more information or to schedule an appointment for us to have a look at your property. I can also respond to emails sent to rich.bergeron@gmail.com 

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