Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Now Serving Maine and New Hampshire: Firewood Prices for Winter, 2023-2024, Booking Tree Removal Jobs Now

The Dead Wood Society is moving operations to the Ossippee to North Conway area in New Hampshire and Oxford County, ME

Maine deliveries will be limited this season to pickup truck loads of seasoned hardwood, which are just under 1/2 cord. See images below for example load size. The rate for pickup truck loads is $180 delivered within 20 miles of Bethel, Maine. Delivery rates for further distances may be available on request.  Call or Text Rich at 603-630-6235, or call 207-517-6989 to schedule a delivery. 

     Our New Hampshire delivery area is shifting from the Lakes Region to the North Conway and Ossippee area. We are delivering full cords of seasoned hardwood for $360 within 20 miles of Ossippee and North Conway. We typically have a supply cut 16-18 inches, but we can accommodate larger and smaller lengths upon request. To arrange a delivery, call or text Rich at 603-630-6235 (North Conway) or Derek (603) 293-5347 (Ossippee). Truckloads are also available in the same area for $180 delivered. 

   We are now booking Tree Removal jobs in both Maine and New Hampshire. Send Pictures of trees to be removed to rich.bergeron@gmail.com or by text to 603-630-6235. Please provide an address and phone number so we can discuss rates and scheduling. We have a $2 million insurance policy and can provide you an address-specific certificate prior to the start of any work on your property. 

We can also provide affordable firewood processing at your location for your own use, with or without tree felling included. Contact us for more information. 

Some examples of our recent work: 

     We accept CashApp, PayPal and Venmo in addition to cash for wood orders and removal/processing jobs. Call 603-630-6235 for more information. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

2023-2024 Seasonal Firewood Prices, Now Booking Tree Removal Jobs For Spring, 2023


The Dead Wood Society is now taking reservations for Spring, 2023 tree removal jobs. We use low-impact techniques with no big trucks or monstrous equipment. 
We offer climbing services, lot clearing, trimming, and discounted dead hardwood tree removal. 

We have $2 million in liability insurance, and we provide you a formal insurance certificate for your personal address before we do the work. 

We also offer discounts for veterans. Our founder is an Air Force veteran himself.

A deposit of $300 to $500 is typically required to secure your preferred calendar dates once an estimate has been calculated for your job. 

Call Rich at 603-630-6235 to set an appointment for an appraisal today. 

We serve the towns of Belmont, Laconia, Gilford, Gilmanton, Northfield, Tilton and Meredith. 

This is a general range and does not apply to all scenarios. Prices often depend on the difficulty of dropping the tree, proximity to vehicle access points, hazards present (power lines and structures) and the type of tree itself (pines are less valuable for firewood and are typically more difficult to clean up).

Here are a few pictures of a couple of our recent removal operations: 


The Dead Wood Society's Seasonal Firewood Prices For this calendar year are as follows: 

Seasoned Hardwood is $320 per cord, cut to length, until October 1, 2023. 
(Increases to $340 for October, 2023 to February of 2024)

Green Hardwood is $260 per cord all year, and it is also cut to length for customers. 

Green Pine (cut to 24 inches or less, assorted sizes) is $160 per cord all year long.

Seasoned pine (cut to 24 inches or less, assorted sizes) is $200 per cord all year long. 

* Cut prices in half to calculate a half-cord cost. We do not deliver less than a 1/2 cord at a time. 

** All Prices are delivered (within a 15 mile radius of Belmont, extended delivery can be arranged for an extra fee, and we take $20 off if you can pick it up)

***Pine can be cut to particular lengths needed for an extra fee. 

Contact Rich at 603-630-6235 to schedule an order for delivery or pickup. 

Thursday, June 3, 2021

SPRING/SUMMER 2021 Wood Prices, Now Quoting Jobs for Summer through fall season

***We are now booking tree work in the Lakes Region for the spring and summer months. Call or Text Rich at 603-630-6235 to get an estimate. Fully insured, 20 years experience. ***


Mixed Cord (Hardwood and Pine): $200, delivered

All Pine: $160 per cord, delivered


Seasoned Hardwood: $280 per cord, delivered

Green Hardwood: $240 per cord

Sunday, October 28, 2018



Firewood prices for the Dead Wood Society will be going up $20 to $300 per cord (delivered) on November 1 for seasoned hardwood. We are typically booked up at least two weeks out, so keep that in mind when you order. Pine will stay the same at $140 per cord (delivered) for a mix of green and seasoned pine.

Green Hardwood is also available through the month of November and December for $220 per cord (delivered), which is actually a discount from our usual $240 price.

We are also looking for seasoned hardwood to process and will remove standing dead and fallen dead trees from your property for $100 a day, a significant discount off our usual $300 a day tree-removal rate. The only catch is you have to have multiple trees (at least 5 medium to large dead trees, and we will make exceptions to this stipulation only for extremely large dead trees). You also have to be in close proximity to Belmont, NH and the other communities we deliver wood to regularly (Gilford, Laconia, Gilmanton, Northfield). There also must be a clear path for the tree to drop, as we will not be using a crane or a climber to do free tree removal.

If you have a large grouping of dying ash trees due to the borer beetle that is destroying the trees across the state, we can make an exception to the trees having to be completely dead. For all other trees, the tree must be dead enough to be utilized immediately for firewood once cut and split, and it cannot be so dead it is ready to crumble into dust.

Call/Text Rich at 603-630-6235* to set up an appointment for us to look at what you have. Also, feel free to email photos and requests for removal to rich.bergeron@gmail.com. We are fully insured with a $1 million in property damage coverage, and we are experts at safely dropping and removing problem trees.

*Do not try to text photos to me, because my phone is a dinosaur.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Spring/Summer 2018 Fire Wood Prices

The Dead Wood Society is keeping busy in the off-season dropping trees and processing hardwood and pine. If you need seasoned hardwood, our spring and summer price is $280 delivered. (within 20 miles of Belmont, NH)

Green Hardwood is $240 per cord, delivered within 20 miles of Belmont. 

Pine is $140 per cord and consists of a rough mix of seasoned and green pine. Delivery within 20 miles is also included in that price.

We also cut to your specific needed length for any wood you need for a particular type of stove. Outdoor pine is usually cut between 16-20+ inches.

If you have wood on site you would like processed, we can provide a free estimate to do that for you as well. Just call or text Rich at 603-630-6235. Cash is preferred, but I can also take credit and debit cards through my Paypal account.

The Dead Wood Society is also able to accomplish multiple phases of tree removal and tree trimming. Call Rich to schedule an estimate or email rich.bergeron@gmail.com with pictures and a description of your job to get a quick quote. 


Monday, January 8, 2018

Free Dead Tree Removal: Dead Wood Wanted

The Dead Wood Society is experiencing a wood shortage due to the unusually cold temperatures we've experienced this winter. We need dead wood to fulfill future orders, and we are willing to remove problem dead trees for absolutely no cost to the property owner. We would also be willing to clear entire lots for no charge if there are enough hardwood trees to justify our expenses. Please call or text Rich at 603-630-6235 if you have dead trees or a lot that needs to be cleared in Belmont, Gilford or Laconia. We are fully insured with $1 million in property damage coverage. We also use very low impact equipment that will not damage your yard or lot.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Fall & Winter Firewood Prices, 2017-2018

The Dead Wood Society is gearing up for a long winter.  These are the prices for the fall & Winter season. 

Seasoned Hardwood will be priced at $300 per cord, delivered (within 20 miles of Belmont). Please specify the length you will need when you call to order. 

Green Hardwood will be $260 per cord, delivered (within 20 miles of Belmont). 

ALL PINE ORDERS: $140 Per Cord for seasoned and green pine mix, delivered.  All pine orders will require a $20 delivery charge per cord.

Call or text Rich at 603-630-6235 to schedule a delivery. Discounts are available for picking up your own wood.