Sunday, October 28, 2018



Firewood prices for the Dead Wood Society will be going up $20 to $300 per cord (delivered) on November 1 for seasoned hardwood. We are typically booked up at least two weeks out, so keep that in mind when you order. Pine will stay the same at $140 per cord (delivered) for a mix of green and seasoned pine.

Green Hardwood is also available through the month of November and December for $220 per cord (delivered), which is actually a discount from our usual $240 price.

We are also looking for seasoned hardwood to process and will remove standing dead and fallen dead trees from your property for $100 a day, a significant discount off our usual $300 a day tree-removal rate. The only catch is you have to have multiple trees (at least 5 medium to large dead trees, and we will make exceptions to this stipulation only for extremely large dead trees). You also have to be in close proximity to Belmont, NH and the other communities we deliver wood to regularly (Gilford, Laconia, Gilmanton, Northfield). There also must be a clear path for the tree to drop, as we will not be using a crane or a climber to do free tree removal.

If you have a large grouping of dying ash trees due to the borer beetle that is destroying the trees across the state, we can make an exception to the trees having to be completely dead. For all other trees, the tree must be dead enough to be utilized immediately for firewood once cut and split, and it cannot be so dead it is ready to crumble into dust.

Call/Text Rich at 603-630-6235* to set up an appointment for us to look at what you have. Also, feel free to email photos and requests for removal to We are fully insured with a $1 million in property damage coverage, and we are experts at safely dropping and removing problem trees.

*Do not try to text photos to me, because my phone is a dinosaur.

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