Friday, March 3, 2017

Spring & Summer Firewood Prices & Free Tree Removal Estimates

Seasoned Hardwood will be $260 per cord for March Through August, 2017. There is also a $30 Delivery Charge Per Cord, up to 20 miles from Belmont (free delivery to Belmont)

Green Hardwood: $230 per cord, $30 Delivery Charge Per Cord (free delivery to Belmont).

ALL PINE ORDERS: $120 Per Cord for seasoned pine. Green will only be delivered upon special request, but there is no discount on pine if you prefer green. All pine orders will require a $20 delivery charge per cord, even for Belmont orders.

Call or text Rich at 603-630-6235 to schedule a delivery. Discounts are available for picking up your own wood.

We are now accepting new tree removal clients in the Lakes Region. We are fully insured and able to take down the majority of nuisance trees without having to climb them. We can normally provide our service at a much lower rate than many of our competitors, depending on the type of trees you wish to remove. We are particularly in need of Ash firewood for the winter months, so if you have some standing dead or green Ash trees that are easily accessible and in need of dropping, we may charge much less per tree than we would for green Oak. The harder and greener the wood, the more it dulls our chains to cut it up. Still, our rates per tree will rarely eclipse $500, far below the industry average described in the above graphic. Special trees may require special circumstances, but we are experts in low-impact work, which means we do not tear up your yard with huge vehicles. We process the trees where they fall with minimal equipment and minimal impact to your property. We remove all wood that can be processed into firewood unless you prefer to keep some for burning yourself. We can also burn brush on site or create a variety of out-of-the-way brush piles for you. We currently do not offer chipping services for brush or stump removal. What we can do is cut every stump right to ground level. Typical per-tree rates for removal through our company will average around $200-$350.

Email, call Rich at 603-630-6235 or click the graphic below to schedule your free tree service estimate. (Must be within 30 miles driving distance from Belmont, NH)

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